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Image by Jose Mizrahi

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Receive holistic coaching support for a safe experience, integrating and understanding experiences, navigating questions or challenges, and weaving profound experiences into your daily life. Sessions are held virtually and available to past, present and future journeyers. Urgent sessions are available with shorter notice and assist individuals in planning for an upcoming journey, processing difficult or profound experiences, clarifying intentions, asking questions, practicing grounding and calming skills, or other identified needs. 

Virtual Sessions

Prep or Integration Session (within 1-2 weeks): $150/hour

Urgent Prep or Integration Session (within 24-48 hours): $200/hour


Schedule a free discovery call to discuss multi-session package options at a discounted rate.

Image by Suhyeon Choi

Integration Supports

These sessions seek to harmonize and heal the mind/body/spirit through energetic, grounding and somatic practices designed to open your intuition, release stuck emotions and energies, calm the nervous system, and bring about a deeper sense of balance and inner ease.  

Alternative Integration Sessions

Acudetox (Auricular Acupuncture), Individual Session: $40/40 minutes

These sessions are in-person and involve the placement of up to 5 acupuncture needles in each ear, while the participant relaxes quietly, listening to a guided meditation, calming music and taking in aromatherapy.

Acudetox, Drop-In/Group Session: $20/40 minutes

Choose an open date to come in for an acudetox session at your convenience. 

Energy Healing/Intuitive Development Session: $100/60 minutes

Receive a guided energy healing session to learn how to connect with your intuition and universal life force energy, open yourself to intuitive messages, and experience a sense of calm, balance and energetic alignment. 

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