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Wellness Programs

Individualized and comprehensive support for deepening your personal and spiritual exploration through psychedelics.


Because the psychedelic journey can powerfully meaningful and transformative, I believe in creating a safe, comfortable environment for your journey, embraced by a thorough preparation and integration process. Wellness programs incorporate all aspects of the journey and may integrate additional supports such as acudetox acupuncture and energy healing for deepening your healing experience. 


Immerse yourself in mindfulness-based practices to help you learn how to come off autopilot, become more in tune with your thoughts, feelings and sensations, and build grounding and calming skills. This will be useful during the journey as you are more easily able to surrender to the experience and allow the inner healer to guide you. 

Mind/body/spiritual awareness and contemplative practices extend into the integration process, allowing your experience to continue to unfold, and helping you to build more connection with your self, others, and the natural world. 

Two Programs to Choose From


Individual programs offer one-to-one support, with six integration sessions surrounding your experience. Choose to incorporate other supportive services and build a customized package that embraces your intentions and fosters deep personal transformation.


Share your wellness journey as a couple or with a friend. Receive personalized support as well as shared support with joint and individual preparation and integration. Private spaces for your journeys. This unique experience allows for shared support as well as shared expenses.

Both programs have flexible scheduling. Overnight accommodations available by request.

Begin your path to transformation by scheduling a free 30-minute discovery call. 

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