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Image by Jackson David

Individual Journeys

Individualized support for your intentions and goals deepening your personal and spiritual exploration. A comprehensive intake and preparation process allows individuals to build a program that fits their specific needs, virtual or in-person supports, and holistic integration to ensure you get the most out of your experience. 

To initiate journey services, please start with booking a free discovery call or fill out the interest form below. You will then complete the pre-screening process, and schedule your preparation, journey and integration sessions.

Discovery Call/Pre-Screening: Free

Intake/Preparation: $150/hour

Journeying: $100/hour

Integration: $150/hour

New Client Journey Package: $900 

Includes intake, preparation, journey (6-8 hours), and one integration session. New clients also receive a journal, eye mask, and e-book to support the process.


New for 2024! Buddy Program: $1111

Choose a friend to experience the journey process together. This allows you to split the cost between the two of you, as well as attend preparation, journey and integration sessions together. Includes individual intakes, joint preparation, joint journey (6-8 hours), one joint integration session, and an individual integration session for each participant.

Shared connection, Shared support. 

No buddy? No problem! Contact me to be paired with a buddy.

Individual journeys are designed for you to be able to go home afterwards, with a safe chaperone/transport. Overnight accommodations may be available onsite depending on the date of your journey. Please arrange this ahead of time as there is an additional small fee for overnight stays. 

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