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Healing the Whole You

Holistic Psychedelic Integration
online or in Colorado

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Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You feel like something is missing and you question your purpose

  • You experienced a loss and you feel like you've lost yourself too

  • You feel unsettled, unsure of yourself and second-guess your intuition

  • Your confused about your last psychedelic experience and what it means

  • You're stuck, ruminating on the past or worried about the future

If so, I'm here to help

What I Offer

I'm committed to fostering a supportive and safe space where individuals and small groups can explore their inner landscape, feel a sense of community, and cultivate a deeper connection with their selves, others, and the natural world.

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1:1 Coaching

Acudetox Acupuncture

Energy Healing

Individual coaching and support grounded in connection with the self, nature and others.


Virtual meetings allow space for processing your psychedelic experiences and working towards personal wellness goals.

Acudetox acupuncture and energy healing support mind/body and spiritual integration through promoting connection, clearing, and balancing.

 Feel more joy and fulfillment as you release emotional burdens. Become more present through mindfulness-based practices, and understand yourself on a deeper level. 

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MycoMates (Pairs/Couples)

Wellness programs supporting mind/body integration and psychedelic exploration from a mindfulness-based, spiritually-inclusive approach.


Learn how to develop a safe and conducive set and setting for your journeys.


Build skills for grounding, integration and self-reflection through mindful breathing, guided meditation, and other mind/body activities.

Receive wraparound support for psychedelic integration, spiritual emergencies, and personal growth goals.  

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Groups of 3-4

Experience personal and spiritual transformation in a private, supportive setting in Colorado. Private retreats are available for flexible scheduling at your convenience, year-round. All-inclusive and customizable.

Private retreats allow you to receive 1:1 professional guidance with onsite preparation and integration support. psychedelic journey/s. 

 This release from the burdens of daily responsibilities and time to focus on yourself fosters deeper introspection, allowing you to return to your life with a renewed sense of self, purpose, and presence.

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Hi, I'm Jess,

As your holistic integration coach, I offer compassionate support for processing your psychedelic experiences as your regain your self under the weight of grief/loss, existential distress, and emotional burdens.


What makes me different: My approach is rooted in connection, spirituality, and natural wellness. I believe in the power of your intuition and help you learn to listen to that inner wisdom as a beacon lighting your own unique life path.

Read more on my about page.


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