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Let Your Soul Shine

Holistic support for your personal psychedelic journey

Online or Onsite in Colorado

Jessica Eden, LCSW, LAC
Certified Angel Reiki Messenger
(by Julie Jancius the Angel Medium)

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Are you seeking deeper spiritual exploration?

Searching for relief from the questioning, confusion and overwhelm?

Wondering if psychedelics can help unravel the inner turmoil?

As an in-depth resource for psychedelic integration and healing, customized retreats and journeys are tailored to provide each individual with a unique and transformative experience.


Personalized programs assist journeyers with preparing for their experience, exploring psychedelics in a safe manner, and integrating thoughts, feelings, and insights as they move forward with a deeper awareness of their inner selves. 

Together, we'll curate an experience that embraces your intentions, intuition and inner guiding wisdom, allowing your soul to speak, and your spirit to flourish. 



I'm committed to fostering a supportive and safe space where individuals can be themselves, unlock their true potential, build community with others, and cultivate a profound connection with their spiritual core and the natural world.

Prep & Integration

 Holistic-based coaching for preparing for and integrating psychedelic experiences - process insights and information received, build healthy habits, and deepen your connection with your self, nature, and relationships. 

Individual Journeys

 Individual exploration sessions supporting your intentions for personal and spiritual growth. Micro to macro sessions, with personalized programs available.

Group Journeys

Small group exploration sessions supporting your intentions for personal and spiritual growth. Create your own group and schedule a date or join a pre-arranged specialty group.

- even mountains, rivers, plants
and trees - should be your teacher."
morihei ueshiba

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